Michael Dunlop caught speeding on North West 200 course

According to the Belfast Telegraph, motorcycle road racer Michael Dunlop appeared in court for speeding on the North West course. 

Michael Dunlop - Tyco BMW

Michael Dunlop, who holds the outright and superbike lap record for the NW 200 at 123.207mph and 122.958mph retrospectively, has been caught speeding behind the wheel of a car at the famous road course.

The offence took place on March 15, 2019, after Dunlop was followed by a police vehicle along the Station Road in Portstewart. He appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court heard on Friday 8 November. 

The officers clocked his speed - which was above the permitted 30mph - using their speedometer.

The 30-year-old from Lisboy Road near Dunloy, Country Antrim, pleaded guilty to an excess speed charge. 

But what was the speed you may ask? Well, it was nothing near the 200mph that he legally hits down the course on an annual basis. Instead, it was 47mph. The prosecutor stating in court that his speed never dropped below 47mph and at times was in excess of 47mph - according to the police vehicles speedometer. Oh, and the time of the offence took place at 1.45am.

Dunlop was offered a fixed penalty notice at the scene but opted to take the matter to court.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, District Judge Peter King asked Mr Dunlop how fast he thought he was going. His reply was “it is what it is”, and he touched upon wanting to see the evidence. 

The judge, in words, said that the speedometer type of speed recording by police is acceptable, and gave Mr Dunlop three points, a £65 fine, and an order to pay a defenders levy of £15.  

What do you think of Michael Dunlop’s punishment? fair, or unfair?


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You could try spelling his name correctly.

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In my opinion I think the punishment and fine to Michael Dunlop was just fair.

Michael Dunlop is my hero and I got the chance to talk to him once. in North Vancouver I bet he wouldn't speed because we have strict road laws here.
Loved this article, thanks!

higway one twords North Vancouver happens all the time
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Whoopty dooo, 47mph... He might as well have murdered somebody. What a heinous crime! https://www.lehitileinstaller.com/

I would comment by saying it is fair considering the circumstances.


Serious crime discussion here))


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