Meet the teenage street-racers of Indonesia

The real street outlaws armed with just some flip-flops and a scooter

Eza Wira Atmaja looks like most other teens his age, slight of build and fairly unassuming. Only the scars on his face and arms hint to his extra-curricular activities, Eza builds and races motorcycles.

As report by Vice shows, this is no schoolboy motocross as Eza and his competitors take part in illegal street races on open roads wearing nothing more than flip-flops, shorts and a t-shirt.

The bikes are mostly modified step-through scooters, with tuned motors and skinny tyres. The races see the riders hitting speeds that look to be nudging the 100mph mark (although no speed is quoted by the rider or the interviewer) while children and adults cheer them on, just inches from the bikes as they pass.

With the street races providing Eza with anything up to $380 if he wins, the races make for a highly profitable line of work, in a country where the living wage can be just $33.

Take a look at the video, what would you do if your son or daughter wanted to give this a go???