Max Biaggi smashes electric motorcycle land speed record

Max Biaggi and Voxan Wattman have beaten the current electric motorcycle speed record by recording 228.05mph on an airfield in France

MAX BIAGGI has etched his name once more into the record books after the Italian powered his way to an electric speed record with Voxan Wattman.

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The events took place on the 30th, 31st of October and the 1st of November at Châteauroux airfield in France. In total, Biaggi and the team have scooped a total of eleven world speed records, posting an outright top speed of 254mph in the process!

After a day of setting up the bike, Biaggi managed to achieve the “partially streamlined electric motorcycle over 300 kilos” record with a speed of 228.05mph, beating the previous record by 24.05mph.

Speaking of the records, Biaggi said:

“When Gildo Pastor, the President of the Venturi Group, approached me about this project, I was curious, very motivated, and at the same time a little uncertain. Having said that, right after our first meeting, I quickly realised that, like Gildo, his teams were driven by an incredible belief and determination. They told me “we came close to 600 km/h (373 mph) on four wheels, and now we want to flirt with 400 km/h (249 mph) on two wheels, nothing’s going to stop us!” These records make me a happy man! I’m proud of the team and delighted to bring these titles back to Monaco!”

The power behind the records came from a fairly unusual source, in the form of the electric motors and control systems from the AMG Mercedes Formula E car’s powertrain.

Max Biaggi and Voxan Wattman records:

  • – ¼ mile, flying start, partially streamlined:           394.45 km/h (245.10 mph) – no previous record
  • – ¼ mile, flying start, non-streamlined:                 357.19 km/h (221.95 mph) – no previous record
  • – 1 km, flying start, partially streamlined:              386.35 km/h (240.07 mph – previous record: 329.31 km/h (204.62 mph)
  • – ¼ mile, standing start, non-streamlined:            126.20 km/h (78.42 mph) – no previous record
  • – ¼ mile, standing start, partially streamlined:      127.30 km/h (79.10 mph) – previous record: 87.16 km/h (54.16 mph)
  • – 1 km, standing start, non-streamlined:               185.56 km/h (115.30 mph) – no previous record
  • – 1 km, standing start, partially streamlined:         191.84 km/h (119.20 mph) – previous record: 122.48 km/h (76.11 mph)
  • – 1 mile, standing start, non-streamlined:             222.82 km/h (138.45 mph) – no previous record
  • – 1 mile, standing start, partially streamlined:       225.01 km/h (139.81 mph) – no previous record


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It's really amazing for this electric vehicle 228 MPH and makes a new record

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