Marc Marquez to become a motocross teacher at his Junior Motor Camp

20 Spanish kids will get the chance to attend the Marc Marquez Junior Motor Camp this year, and master the art of motocross from the MotoGP legend.

Marc Marquez junior motor camp 2021

Did you know that in his spare time, Marc Marquez is well into his motocross? Those who have had the chance to ride with him have also expressed the fact that he is pretty damn good at it, too. 

This year, MotoGP-riding brothers Marc and Alex Marquez will host the 6th Allianz Junior Motor Camp, with Marquez himself designing the contents of the 4 day motor camp for kids aged 10-13. 

The slots have in the past been open to kids from around the world, but due to restrictions from Covid-19, this year only 20 budding dirt riders from Spain and the surrounding Spanish islands will be invited on this occasion.

Mentoring and advising at the camp, Marc and Alex will be joined by members of their staff (physiotherapists and athletic trainers), with motocross riders José Luis Martínez and former Spanish champion José Luis Carrión also joining - who between them have a wealth of experience - including as a sports advisor for Moto3 team EG00. 

Registration for the Junior Motor Camp is completely free, and those interested are just required to fill out a quick form with their experience and submit a YouTube video showcasing the skills of the candidates before decisions are made. 

A chance of a lifetime for young riders to learn from Marc Marquez!

What an unbelievable opportunity for these young riders. It also seems like an obvious rival to the Rossi Motor Ranch - perhaps a ranch-off is on the cards to continue the Marquez v Rossi rivalry.

Marquez took to Instagram to advertise the programme, and it seems to genuinely be an opportunity of a lifetime. Fair play to the Marquez bros and Allianz for putting it on.

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