Malaysian Government to sponsor Mat Rempit

Not heard of him? Neither had we - but read this and eveything will make perfect sense, perhaps

AUTHORITIES IN Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, have said they are willing to sponsor Mat Rempit in future international Grand Prix events.

"Lucky old Mat," we hear you say, but this isn't an Australian racer looking for overseas sponsorship - far from it - 'Mat Rempit' is the Malaysian term for 'illegal street racers'.

Authorities are launching a new initiative to try and help rid Malaysia's city streets from the hordes of illegal stunt riders and racers that plague the road network, mostly during the hours of darkness.

The man behind the initiative, Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said, explained his thoughts behind the decision:

“I want to tell youths that indulging in illegal motorcycle races is unwise as they can use their time and resources for beneficial activities. We are willing to render other assistance to those who are interested in becoming professional racers besides sponsoring them for the grand prix circuit.”

Can't see that happening in the UK. Can you?