LPG-powered Yamaha XT500

Alternative power, quick change wheels, gargantuan luggage capacity, belt drive - check out the liquid gas powered Greenfly

ALTERNATIVE FUELS are a hot topic right now, so we thought you'd enjoy a quick shufti at Dave Akhurst's LPG powered 'Greenfly'.

Based on Yamaha's legendary XT500, the Greenfly belts out approximately 30bhp, weighs 110kg and can muster around 80mpg at a steady 70mph.

But it's not just the LPG factor that makes dave's bike so special; he's designed quick remove front and rear rims, as well as a carrying system for an entire spare wheel and tyre. This means a puncture can be remedied in five minutes flat (ooh, he's on form today - Ed).

Check the custom fabricated luggage! I bet the handling's interesting when those buggers are full. Thanks to our friends at Motorradonline for the images.

Engine: 500cc single cylinder, four-stroke, 2-valve SOHC, 87mm bore X 84mm stroke
Power: 30PS (22kW)
Weight: 110kg
Brakes: Single discs (front and rear)
Tyres: 4.10 x 18 Dunlop TT100s (front and rear)