Lingerie models climb aboard motorcycles in #notyourvalentine campaign

This brought Sydney to a standstill...

Honey Birdette Australia

THE STEREOTYPICAL image of skimpily-dressed models astride motorcycles has been absolutely owned by lingerie company Honey Birdette in its latest campaign, #NotYourValentine.

Models and shop assistants working for the international company took to the streets of Sydney on two wheels yesterday, wearing nothing but the brand’s underwear and the occasional leather jacket embroidered with the slogan ‘Not Your Valentine’.

Their message was one of female empowerment, with a spokesperson explaining: “It sends a message that single women can have an amazing Valentine's Day too.”

However, some people have questioned online exactly how it is empowering, while others have slammed the girls for being irresponsible.

“It's fun and games till the girls fall off the bikes, skin themselves alive and never model ever again,” wrote Natalie James on Facebook.

Unsurprisingly, the spectacle caused chaos in the city centre, with motorists and pedestrians stopping in their tracks to take photographs and video.