Did Andrea Iannone miss a MotoGP test after cosmetic surgery?

According to one pundit and ex-racer, he did!

Andrea Iannone

EX 500GP rider and racing pundit, James Haydon, has posted a tweet alleging that Andrea Iannone missed the last day of the MotoGP test due to complications that arose after a cosmetic procedure.

The Tweet read:

“Always enjoyed watching Iannone ride but not so much his slide slowly down the factory teams when he has so much natural talent. But to miss the last day of such a critical test due to complications after cosmetic surgery is bloody ridiculous! A jaw remodel just before testing?”

If it’s true you’d have to agree with the ex-Airwaves Ducati rider, the timing of the procedure, if it did indeed happen, is pretty damn clumsy.

As confirmed on Crash.net:

‘New signing Iannone missed entire [day of] running on the final day after suffering from a jaw infection that requires him to be on antibiotics.’

I guess this means the rumour that the problem arose from a cosmetic procedure remains just that, a rumour – although in my mind, there's rarely smoke without fire!