Japanese Monkey Magic Times Two

Kitaco 176cc V-twin super-Monkey bike from Tokyo show

G Craft V-twin Monkey bike

We already covered the Japanese obsession with all things Monkey the other day, with the Over Racing billet girder-fork chassis kit. But just to underline it, check out this one-off V-twin Monkey machine, also on show at the Tokyo bike show last week.

Made by G'Craft and Kitaco, with an aluminium truss frame, the G-Twin Monkey uses a pair of Kitaco 88cc DOHC top ends, on custom crankcases. A one-off Over Racing exhaust gives out a meaty rort and a Kitaco oil cooler keeps temperatures down.

Obviously, the chassis gets top-spec Nitron shocks, a race Brembo brake caliper and all the other trimmings… Makes a 50cc paddock moped seem a bit lame, huh?

More info on the Kitaco website: http://www.kitaco.co.jp