James Bond rides a Honda in Skyfall

A Bond-ah on a Honda

JAMES BOND will ride a Honda CRF250R in the opening of the new Skyfall film.

In the 23rd film in the 007 series, Hondas will feature heavily in a chase sequence through the streets of Istanbul, Turkey with Bond in pursuit of a mystery henchman - for a snippet of the scene, captured in a news broadcast, click here.

Twenty CRFs were provided by Honda and then adapted and "dressed" appropriately to appear like a Turkish police bike, ridden by the villain, and a merchants bike that Bond uses to pursue him.

Directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig in his third appearance as the spy, Skyfall will be in cinemas from 26th October. However, if you're eager to see the bikes now they are being displayed at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu as part of the Bond In Motion exhibition.

In this advertising-saturated world, we're surprised Bond doesn't make his appearance on a Honda DN-01, chased down by a troop of Asimos all riding Honda EV-neos, only breaking free from them when they all stop to re-charge at a conveniently located charging station. You know it's what the Honda marketing bods would have been pushing for..