Italian tuning firm gives a boost to the Yamaha R3 and KTM RC 390

Ever wanted turbo-charge your R3 or RC 390? Well now you can

NOT too long ago, we tested the Yamaha R3 and KTM RC 390 against each other on the road to find out which is king of the A2 sportsbikes.

Over a service station coffee at the end of the day, we talked about each bike’s strengths and weaknesses, but the glaring lack of a turbo on each bike never came up.

Is that an oversight on our part? Had we forgotten that everything is better with a turbo? Italian tuning company Performance Technology must think so because it used the recent Verona Motorcycle Show to unveil its turbo kits for the R3 and RC 390, which it says its increase power and efficiency without compromising reliability.

Performance Technology says that turbocharging both bikes increases power up around 60hp and claims that putting a turbo on each of these bikes cold create a new low cost category of performance racing.

We’ve request pricing and technical information but have been told we’ll have to wait for further details but the company has also said it’s also working on a turbo kit for the Ninja 300, which will be ready by March, so more details may be available then.

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