Iron Man 2 replica motorcycle suit launched

Cut a dash at your local bike meet wearing this bad boy

Go on. You know you want it ...

WANT TO look like your favourite superhero? Then how about this Iron Man replica leather motorcycle suit, courtesy of USA-based manufacturer UD Replicas.

Complete with a glowing chest arc reactor, the snazzy red leather suits are built with a host of safety features, including CE-approved armour and an abundance of Kevlar.

“We’ve replicated the visual effect of Iron Man’s armor,” said David Pea, owner of UD Replicas, builder of the Batman Dark night suit featured on Visordown last year. “From the neck down, every single detail is form-molded leather, and has presented us with a fantastic creative challenge.”

The leatherwork is finished in the candy-apple red featured in the original on-screen suit, with a translucent, pearl metallic finish. The silver accents are metallic silver chrome with a translucent finish.

Matching boots and gloves are also available with the suit for a rather reasonable all-inclusive price of $1,100 (£728).

Which bike, if any, would you ride wearing that lot?