Husaberg goes two-stroke for 2011

'Nyeeeeeeeeeeeep!' joins 'Braaaaaaaaaaaaarp!' at Swedish bike manufacturer

JUST WHEN we thought two-stroke motorcycles were fast approaching extinction along comes Swedish manufacturer Husaberg with the company's first-ever smokers for 2011.

Husaberg, made famous by their breed of race-ready four-stroke off-roaders and supermotos, have ventured into the two-stroke market for the first time with the TE250 and TE300.

The company claim the bikes benefit from Husaberg's extensive racing pedigree, while featuring a host of the latest technical innovations, including switchable ignition, close-ratio six-speed gearboxes and a 'long range' 11-litre fuel tank.

Husaberg's new strokers will be sold alongside the company's exiting range of four-stroke machines.