Irish speed camera mogul caught speeding TWICE in three days

Xavier McAuliffe caught by Mail on Sunday investigation

THE controversial multi-millionaire businessman behind the Irish Government’s new 65million euro anti-speeding initiative has recently been clocked speeding TWICE in three days.

Xavier McAuliffe, the man behind the GoSafe consortium, was recorded speeding on two occasions by an Irish Mail on Sunday investigation.

McAuliffe, 65, was snapped travelling at 81kph in a 60kph zone on Tuesday of last week; and 140kph the following Friday.

The incident was also filmed on high-definition video.

Mr McAuliffe’s spokeswoman told the Mail on Sunday: "He (McAuliffe) won’t actually be entering into conversation on GoSafe so I can make life easy for you there."

When told that the MoS simply wished to give Mr McAuliffe an opportunity to respond to the evidence, she said: "He’s not in a position to. The only people who can speak publicly on GoSafe is an Garda Síochána."

In 2002, McAuliffe was banned from flying helicopters for seven years following an accident which resulted in the death of his young female passenger.