IOM TT: Multiple crashes at one corner caught on camera

Accident rates down but traffic offences up, say IOM Police

DESPITE A 13 percent drop in the number of accidents during this year's Isle of Man TT festival many riders still came to grief on the 37.73-mile course.

The attached video shows just how dangerous the infamous road racing course can be; just watch as one rider takes 'evasive' action, after almost piling into the aftermath of a previous crash.

Figures released by the police showed the number of accidents on open roads dropped by 13 to 86 – with one non-racing fatality.

However, there were more offences reported to police during the fortnight: 299, compared with 237 last year.

Head of the roads policing unit Inspector Mark Britton said: 'It looks like collision figures are down on last year, with 86 collisions recorded at this year's TT festival compared with 99 last year.

'Last year there were 57 collisions on the mountain circuit, compared with 49 this year.'