Instant karma for road rage driver

That's what you get for ramming a motorcycle

ODDLY, this is being reported as a motorway pile-up sparked by a ‘raging biker’.

What we see is a car driver endangering a motorcyclist’s life and then pinballing all over the highway in a classic episode of instant karma.

Shot on a mobile phone by a passenger in a car behind, the footage shows the motorcyclist kicking the car, which swerves into the bike, ramming it towards the central reservation.

But while the rider stays upright, the driver shows less skill, overcompensating in right and left swerves before smashing into the barrier and ricocheting across three lanes into a pick-up truck, which ends up on its roof.

The 75-year-old pick-up truck driver was hospitalised while the driver who served into the bike suffered minor injuries.

Los Angeles Police are looking for the motorcyclist, who didn’t stop following the incident, on the 14 Freeway near Santa Clarita.

Highway Patrol Officer Josh Greengard told KNBC-TV: “Obviously it was a road rage incident. He was seen kicking the vehicle.

“It looked like a pretty violent video … this could’ve been a horrible tragedy. More people could’ve gotten hurt.”

“We need to get the motorcyclist’s side of the story to see what led up to this incident. We’re not sure what happened farther back.”