Watch: Met Police video shows how easy it is to steal scooters

Met urges scooter and motorcycle owners to use more security

LONDON’S Metropolitan Police have today launched a campaign that aims to prevent scooter theft in London, by urging riders to use more security to deter thieves.

The campaign’s key message is: The more visible the security, the less visible your scooter is to thieves: adding extra security makes it harder for them to steal.

The campaign was launched this morning by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick in Westminster – a borough that’s plagued by bike thieves. Officers will also be out speaking to motorcyclists and scooter riders about properly securing their vehicles.

The campaign's main focus is on scooter riders, who are less likely to use strong security devices or use inadequate security, if any at all, which makes it easy for thieves to steal scooters to use in robberies, or to help in the theft of other bikes in London.

Security measures alone might not deter a thief, but a bike with more than one device is less attractive to a thief because it takes more time and effort to steal – as highlighted in the police’s video for this campaign.

While trying to educate motorcycle and scooter owners about improving their approach to security is a positive move, it's hard not to question whether a campaign is enough. We don't think so; if the Metropolitan Police is serious about getting on top of motorcycle crime, it needs to start using more aggressive tactics - chasing riders without helmets would be a good place to start, as would knocking down the doors of known theft gangs, before London's theft-stricken motorcycle owners start doing it themselves.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick said:

'We are hugely grateful for all the support we have received over the last weeks and months following the awful events here in London and the overwhelming desire of our public to help us. I would say to all of you – one of the best things that Londoners can do to support us is to follow our advice in taking care of your property and help us stop crime before it happens.

'This campaign is about encouraging scooter owners to do everything they can to adequately secure their vehicle against its theft and its subsequent use to commit thefts and violent robberies against the public.

“Police are working hard to make the streets hostile territory for reckless criminals who endanger lives, but it is the easy availability of scooters that is driving the rise in scooter enabled crime. So, I urge all riders: properly secure your scooter to reduce its risk of theft. If everyone plays their part, we can thwart these thieves.'

Steve Kenward, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) said:

'The MCIA is pleased to support this campaign to help riders make their bikes more secure. All riders must play their part in tackling motorcycle and scooter theft by taking sensible security measures when parking – using two or more high quality locks will help to deter opportunistic thieves. Our message is simple – protect your bike by layering your security!'

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