Innovative new helmet promises to keep your head cool on the go

It uses patented technology similar to that seen in high end cars

SWEATY HELMETS are an unfortunate reality of riding a motorcycle in summer, just like flies on your visor and squids on the streets.

But while we can’t do much about those latter two, you can do something about your moist noggin. And I’m not talking about wearing a buff over your head, because we all know that doesn’t work…

No, I’m talking about the neatest invention motorcycling has seen for a while – air-conditioned helmets. Seriously!

American manufacturer Feher recently launched the ACH-1, which they claim is the ‘world’s first self-contained air-conditioned motorcycle helmet available to the public’.

It features the same similar thermoelectric technology that is used to cool the seats in high-end cars, with a convection system that sucks in outside air and cools it before circulating it around the patented Tubular Spacer Fabric liner.

The filtered air circulating inside the helmet can be cooled by as much 15 degrees, and promises not to give brainfreeze or a cold face, with the focus on reducing the interior temperature around your skull and making for a more comfortable ride.

The Feher ACH-1 is available in various shades of white, silver and black, and the air conditioning unit is, as air conditioning units go, pretty subtle. You do need to plug it into your motorcycle's battery, however.

Unfortunately, it’s currently only available in America, at an introductory price of $549.99 (usually $599.99).

For more information or to buy the helmet, click here

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