Huge Unlock Your Freedom campaign launched to promote safer commuting

The Unlock Your Freedom campaign shows there really has never been a better or more appropriate time to get your motorcycle licence

Yamaha TMAX

With the UK steadily returning to a semblance on normality in a post-coronavirus world, attention is now turning to how you can ensure you remain safe and healthy in everyday life.

Whether you’re commuting, popping to the shops or simply need to make journeys frequently, for many the only option would be to hop onto public transport to get around.

However, with spending time in confined spaces being actively discouraged by government officials in the fear it could prompt a second wave of COVID-19 outbreaks, the MCIA has launched a major new campaign named ‘Unlock Your Freedom’ to promote motorcycling as the safest, most isolated form of great value transport.

Though the government itself has gone to the lengths of promoting walking, cycling and even using your car as an alternative, the Unlock Your Freedom campaign puts motorcycling at the forefront as the cleaner, more affordable and convenient method of moving from Point A to B.

Many who visit will need no reminding of the benefits of riding a motorcycle during the last few weeks. It is isolating compared with public transport, more convenient than cycling and more affordable and cleaner than driving a car.

As such, this new initiative encourages those who don’t ride to consider completing their CBT to get out on the road aboard a scooter, moped or motorcycle… and this is where we need your help.

The launch of the – which is being promoted by various manufacturers and leading figures – allows prospective riders to find out everything they need to know to easily discover the benefits of owning a powered two-wheeler and how they’d go about doing so.

You can visit the UNLOCKYOURFREEDOM.CO.UK right here.

“Having been in the industry for many years, I do not recall industry ever coming together in this way supporting each other for the benefit for all, over the last 2 weeks, many hours have been spent by individuals and companies investing their time and resources to create what we believe will produce amazing results if fully supported,” MCIA’s Tony Campbell.
“There has never been a better time for this Industry to capitalise on circumstances that could threat the existence of our business but have an even greater potential to turn the tide and provide a platform of growth we desperately need.”

So if YOU know someone that may be interested in swapping the bus for a motorcycle, we implore that you point them in this direction… let’s see how many we can get on the road!