Huge payout for Mission Impossible: II Stuntman

Sadly, he won't be around to enjoy it

THE STUNTMAN badly hurt during the filming of Mission Impossible: II in Sydney, Australia has been awarded around £500,000 in damages shortly before his death. Mark Connolly, 44, who died of pancreatic cancer last week, was on set playing the role of a gate guard in the 1999 film, which starred Tom Cruise, when he was hit by an airborne motorcycle during a stunt.

Connolly suffered a broken collarbone and permanent pain and restriction in his right arm, he sued the film's second-unit director Billy Burton.

A New South Wales Court heard that Burton directed Connolly to stand in the path of the motorcycle, and that it was highly likely the stuntman would be injured unless he was given a cue to get out of the way of the flying metal.