How motorcycles are feeding a nation in the midst of the Coronavirus

Motorcycle delivery riders are becoming a lifeline for the people trapped indoors due to the Coronavirus outbreak

KFC Wuhan Coronavirus

WITH major chunks of China under a government-imposed lockdown, motorcycle delivery riders are becoming the lifeblood of regions like Wuhan, the area where the Coronavirus is thought to have started.

Wuhan is the most heavily affected city, with residents being held indoors and house-to-house searches being carried out to round up the sick. Other areas of the nation are also under orders to stay indoors, although it’s not thought the conditions are so severe.

In this situation, nipping to the shops for some food for the family dinner or popping to a restaurant is clearly not on the cards, so motorcycle delivery drivers are stepping in to help feed the nation.

With riders crisscrossing the nation, it'd be easy to assume that they are only going to increase the chances of spreading the virus, although the food producers have come up with an ingenious way of limiting the risk.

One such company is a fast-food giant, and Asian favourite KFC has also begun to use a method of contactless delivery, in order to prevent the spread of the virus. To begin with, the rider is scanned to ensure they don’t have a fever, one of the first signs of the virus, they thoroughly wash their hands and don their protective masks.

The customer and delivery rider will then agree on a meeting point that will allow the two parties to keep at least two metres away from food delivery, creating a four-metre zone that can only be entered by one person at a time.

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