Honda scooters refreshed for 2024

New colours are the order of 2024 for three Honda scooters, with the ADV350, Forza 350 and Forza 125 all getting new paint

2024 Honda ADV350

The Honda ADV350, Honda Forza 350, and Honda Forza 125 all receive new paint jobs for 2024.

Honda’s scooter range is fairly extensive in 2023, and that is not looking likely to change in 2024. Only a few weeks ago, a new version of the Honda SH125, the Vetro, was announced, and now new colours are revealed for the 2024 ADV350, Forza 350, and Forza 125.

2024 Honda ADV 350

As its name suggests, the Honda ADV350 is a part of the Japanese brand’s ‘adventure scooter’, along with models such as the slightly more capable X-ADV.

For 2024, the ADV350 gets four new colours: ‘Matt Coal Black Metallic’, ‘Pearl Falcon Gray’, ‘Matt Pearl Cool White’, and ‘Matt Pearl Pacific Blue’, which completely overhaul the colour range for this particular model next year. 

The new colours sit on bodywork wrapped around a tubular steel frame suspended by a 37mm inverted front fork (125mm stroke) and two remote reservoir rear shocks. Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) helps to manage the 23.2lb ft (31.5Nm) produced by the 330cc motor, which also has a peak power output of 28.8bhp (21.5kW). Additionally, the front screen is height-adjustable, Honda RoadSync is available on the LCD display, there is a USB-C socket in the glovebox, and space for two helmets in the 48-litre underseat storage.

2024 Honda Forza 350

Where the ADV350 presents some off-road capability, the Forza 350 takes the same 330cc motor and applies it in what Honda describes in a press release as a “sporty/GT” style.

For 2024, two new colours are available - ‘Pearl Nightstar Black’ and ‘Matt Pearl Cool White’ - which join the existing ‘Matt Pearl Pacific Blue’, ‘Matt Cynos Gray Metallic’, and ‘Pearl Falcon Gray’. The Matt Pearl Pacific Blue colour receives a refresh for 2024, too, with new black wheels.

Standard specification for the 2024 Honda Forza 350 includes a Smart Power+ (eSP+) engine producing the same 28.8bhp and 23.2lb ft as in the ADV350, HSTC, electric screen adjustment, USB Type-C socket, storage space for two full-face helmets, full LED lighting and Smart Key operation. Honda RoadSync is also available. 

2024 Honda Forza 125

The Forza 350’s smaller sibling, the Forza 125, is unchanged in terms of specification in 2024, with HSTC, electric screen adjustment, a USB Type-C socket, storage space for two full-face helmets, full LED lighting, and Smart Key operation. 

The new colour for 2024 on the Forza 125 is ‘Pearl Sienna Red’, which joins the existing ‘Matt Cynos Gray Metallic’, ‘Pearl Falcon Gray’, and ‘Matt Pearl Pacific Blue’.