Honda Africa Twin breaks altitude record

Team of five riders take Africa Twin up a volcano, Honda erupts with joy

Honda Africa Twin altitude record

HONDA HAS announced that the CRF1000L Africa Twin has just broken the record for the highest altitude reached by a twin-cylinder motorcycle – 5,965 metres above sea level.

A team of five riders took Honda’s adventure bike up the slopes of the Nevado Ojos del Salad, which is the world’s highest active volcano, situated between Argentina and Chile.

Fabio Mossini, enduro champion from Honda’s Sud America race team was the man in the saddle when the record was set.

The bikes used in the challenge were kitted out with Termignoni exhauasts, different sprockets, Metzeler MC360TM tyres and a few Honda accessories. The team completed its ascent, riding across mud, sand, gravel and ice in less than 24 hours.