Honda’s RCV-powered car revealed

‘Project 2&4’ to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show next week

THE first pictures of Honda’s MotoGP-powered concept car have been released – but don’t hold your breath for a production version.

Called Project 2&4, the single-seater uses a full-power RC213V-S V4 engine, making over 215hp at 13,000rpm, and weighs a light-for-a-car 405kg.

Rather than simply bolting the whole RCV powertrain in, Honda has spun the engine around by 90 degrees, making its crankshaft run longitudinally. It’s also ditched the bike’s normal gearbox in favour of a dual-clutch, six-speed car transmission complete with a differential.

The concept was the result of an in-house competition between more than 80 Honda designers, intended to 'inspire creativity'. Despite the number of wheels, the idea actually stemmed from Honda’s motorcycle design studio in Asaka before being completed with the help of car designers based in Wako.

While it’s a single-seater, there appears to be provision for a passenger seat to be fitted on the right-hand side once a chunk of bodywork is removed. With no apparent roll-over or side-impact protection, we think we might keep our bike leathers on...

Production prospects? Zero is our best guess.

See more pictures in the gallery below.

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