Hoely ER6-RR - faster than a ZX-6R?

Check out this beefed-up ER6 from German tuners Hoely, with 98bhp on tap it could worry a few sports 600 riders

Hoely ER6-RR ... 98bhp up from around 75bhp as standard

CHECK OUT this tricked up Kawasaki ER6-RR from German tuners Hoely.

This special includes a vast array of improvements, including: gas-flowed head with an increased compression ratio of 13.8:1, balanced pistons, rods and crank, high-lift cams, advanced ignition, a modified airbox and a full Akrapovic system and to cope with the increase in heat; a larger radiator from a Yamaha R6.

This beefed-up ER6 also includes the USD suspension off a Kawasaki ZX-6R, with the radial brakes from a ZX-10R and the standard rear shock is junked for a fully-adjustable aftermarket item.

It ought to be seriously quick around a track, with more torque than a standard ZX-6R and better quality suspension. Fast enough to beat a sports 600? We think so.