Hideout leather girls in Mission Impossible

All-woman leathers maker stitches up Tom Cruise

HIDEOUT was handed a Mission Impossible to create 31 bespoke leather suits for the stars and stuntmen of the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster.

The UK leather maker, run entirely by women from its workshop in Essex, was approached a year ago to collaborate on a secret film project, unaware of the scale of the undertaking.

The project was revealed to be Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation which will feature a dramatic, all-action bike chase with Tom Cruise in the saddle of a BMW S1000RR.

Typically film studios use their own in-house design teams for costumes but with the stuntmen and women tearing through the back streets of Morocco on 180bhp superbikes the leathers needed to be tough and practical… although even the best leathers are going to struggle when your bike somersaults over a cliff in a ball of flames as this trailer shows.

Hideout's co-owner Kate Jennings reckons the hardest part of the job was working out where the stuntmen and women could holster their guns.

It's the first major film project for the small factory and the studio demanded speedy turnaround times for the 31 suits, adding a bit of Mission Impossible style pressure for the machinists at Hideout. A bespoke suit was also created for the film's smoking co-star Rebecca Ferguson.

"What better endorsement for our leathers than to see them on a hunky stunt guy flying through the air behind the gorgeous face of Tom Cruise?” said Sandra Jennings of Hideout.

Mission Impossible 5  Rogue Nation is due for release on  31 July.