Heroic biker foils shocking South African smash and grab

Watch as he rams and chases the thief

THIS IS the moment that a heroic biker foiled a smash and grab in Alexandra, South Africa. 

Posted to YouTube by Anton Damhuis, the short video shows from the biker's perspective the moment a stranger leans into a man's car and grabs his laptop, before attempting to make a getaway.

The GS rider immediately rams the thief and gives chase, as he attempts to make a getaway with the bag. 

The man soon drops the bag in the street before legging it, while Damhuis returns the bag to its rightful owner. 

Commenting on the video Damhuis explains: "I was on my way home and saw this smash and grab. Decided to intervene."

While some viewers were quick to comment on the driver's lack of gratitude, others suggested that he may have been too shocked to say thanks. 

And a commenter going by the name of Phillip Coetser yesterday claimed to be the driver.

"My friend, I was the man in the car and I want to really thank you for intervening," he wrote. "Sorry I did not thank you yesterday, but I was in a bit of a shock. I eventually ran over him with the car (and unfortunately my laptop). Pity you did not see that 'cause I think you would have enjoyed it. And the dent in the car is a minor price to pay for my safety and protection."

He later added: "I am not sure what gave me the biggest shock... the man stealing the laptop or me physically driving over him. Being in the middle of Alex, all I could think of was getting out of there! God willing my path will cross again with that of the biker, hopefully under different circumstances, and then I will make sure that he knows that I really appreciate him putting his life in danger to help me."

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