Hells Angel chief to sue over 1% bike film

Sonny Barger takes legal action against producers over new biker film

Sonny Barger...suing over new biker film

HELLS ANGELS Godfather Sonny Barger is suing US TV company HBO over a biker drama, called 1%, which he claims he helped to develop, says an article in the Hollywood Reporter.

Last week Barger's solicitors filed legal papers which accuse producers of cutting him out of the project after he demanded changes. Barger also claims the film is too close to his own life story - something Mr Barger didn't agree to.

In his legal case, filed in Los Angeles, Mr Barger says he originally sold his best-selling autobiography to 20th Century Fox for movie development.

In his legal case, Mr Barger says that Chief is a "well-known nickname or alias for Sonny Barger", and that the drama is set in Carefree, Arizona - "which is the town adjacent to where Sonny Barger presently resides".

He wants the court to declare the 1% script as a joint work of Sonny Barger Productions and Tolkin, to forbid the sale or broadcast of the programme, and to award damages for exploiting Barger's publicity rights.