Biker posts compromising pics of wife on 'net

Husband retaliates after wife crushes ZZ-R1100 in post-marriage bust-up

The pair have been involved in an ongoing battle

MOTORCYCLIST STEVEN Bryden couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he logged
onto his wife Fiona’s Bebo page and saw pictures of her crushing his
Kawasaki ZZR1100 – so he threatened to post ‘compromising’ pictures of her in

Now Bryden could go to court after being charged with making the alleged
The 44-year-old, who left his wife last year, has admitted threatening to
post what was described as ‘compromising’ pictures of Fiona, but denies they
were indecent.

Speaking to The Argus, Bryden said: "We split up in September and at first
Fiona and me were still on speaking terms but then it all went t*** up.
"I had a car and the bike, a Kawasaki ZZ-R1100, in the garage. As I was
moving out I put my stuff in the car and took it, leaving my bike in the garage.
"In December Fiona put the bike through a crusher and posted pictures of it
being lowered in on her Bebo site.

"I was frustrated and sent her an email saying: 'I have been trying to phone
you constantly for two weeks. You obviously have ESP and know that it is me
that is phoning and are blanking me. If you don't get in touch in 48 hours I
have some compromising pictures that I am going to put on the internet.'

"These were my exact words. I never mentioned anything about indecent or
obscene. Compromising could mean anything - it could be two people walking
hand-in-hand down the street."

Not to be outdone, Bryden posted a picture of the Kawasaki being lowered
into the crusher on his own Bebo page with the captions: "Sad bitch" and:
"She was my pride and joy til the cow got her hands on it."

Bryden will stand trial at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court this month. He denies
all the charges.