Head 2 Head: Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs Zero SR/F vs Energica Eva

The electric motorcycle class is growing by the year so which of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, Energica Eva and Zero SR/F should get your attention?

The age of the electric motorcycle is coming and regardless of whether you’re ready to swap conventional power for something a bit greener, there is no denying that all the major manufacturers are watching the zero-tailpipe emissions sector with some interest at the moment.

While it still only accounts for a fraction of global sales overall, the electric motorcycle class is nonetheless the fastest-growing sector at the moment and it only promises to grow as nations shift to greener initiatives and the technology becomes more mainstream.

Nonetheless, while the sector may be in its relative infancy, those willing to making the switch to electric now still have some high-profile options available to them.

One of the big launches of 2019, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire is not so much surprising for what it is but more for where it came from. A manufacturer better-known for its big capacity, high-torque cruisers, Harley-Davidson turned its image on its head by gaining a social conscience with the LiveWire.

Targeted at bringing a new ‘Silicone Valley’ audience to its otherwise ageing customer base, the LiveWire is a bold step in a greener direction for the firm at a time when other mainstream manufacturers are still years away from throwing their hats into the ring.

However, it doesn’t have the class to itself with two start-up brands – Zero and Energica – already establishing themselves with an electric-only model base long before the big hitters came to play.

So, for our latest model comparison we are pitching the Harley-Davidson LiveWire against another American rival in the Zero SR/F and the Italian Energica Eva to discover which of these electric nakeds deserve your attention…

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Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs Zero SR/F vs Energica Eva – Key Specs

Key Specs Harley Davidson LiveWire Zero SR/F Energica Eva
Max Power 105hp (78kW) 110hp (82kW) 145hp (107kW)
Max Torque 78Ib-ft (116Nm) @0rpm 140Ib-ft (190Nm) @0rpm 159Ib-ft (215Nm) @0rpm
Type 225v DC 'Revelation' Perm magnet AC motor Perm Magnet AC
Top Speed 120mph 120mph 125mph
0-60mph 3.5secs 1.6secs (claimed) 3.0secs
Seat Height 761mm 787mm 765mm
Kerb Weight 249kg 226kg 260kg
Range 146 Miles (claimed) 123 Miles (combined) 93 Miles (combined)