Fettle, stay fit and learn like a boss with these motorcycle tutorials

Jack Miller and Leon Haslam are among those on hand to help you get the most from this lockdown period when it comes to keeping sharp on and off the bike

Jack Miller Dainese 1200

While lockdown may be a necessary evil we all have to adhere to if we are ever to get on top of this coronavirus pandemic, it doesn’t change the fact we’d all rather be out there enjoying a ride in the Spring sun.

Indeed, while we know it has been a long winter and the weather has been cruelly pleasant in recent weeks, we urge everyone to be responsible when it comes to respecting your lockdown measures depending on where you are.

However, we will persevere, so why not take the opportunity to learn something useful in this moment so your time indoors isn’t spent entirely wishing you were outdoors.

Dainese has expanded upon its Demonerosso  – ‘Red Demon’ in a nod to its logo – mini-site with a series of online journals aimed at keeping you informed, entertained and educated.

It has roped in a few stars from its catalogue along the way to ensure you’re getting the best advice from the best people.

These include Jack Miller, who offers up a tutorial on how to best look after your motorcycle and keep it in fine fettle while it sits patiently waiting for its first proper ride of the year.

Then there is Leon Haslam, who provides a home fitness routine without the need for equipment if you want to go some way to achieving his sizeable biceps!

Every day is a school day so make the most of the time to ensure that when we can go back out on our own terms, you and your machine will be better for it.

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