Harley-Davidsons stolen from Indiana dealership - they rode out the front door!

Four Harley-Davidson motorcycles are stolen from a dealership in Kokomo, Indiana. Thieves rock up at 2.30am, and ride out of the front door!

Harley Davidson theft indiana

FOUR Harley-Davidsons are stolen from a dealership in Kokomo, Indiana - the thieves rock up at 2.30am, and ride out the front door in shocking footage from Fox 7 News.

I’m sure I’ve done exactly this on Grand Theft Auto… who would have thought it was possible in real life! 

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Four thieves, all wearing “concealable clothing and motorcycle helmets” were seen on CCTV footage entering the dealership in Kokomo, Indiana, at 2.23am on the 17th of March 2021 - before quickly starting the Harley-Davidson Street Glide Specials (one 2020 and three 2021 models) and heading for the main showroom doors. 

The total estimated value of the motorcycles amounts to around $95,000 dollars, which is around £68,500. 

Watch the CCTV footage:

Now I’d hate to get Visordown involved in a lawsuit, but this all seems awfully convenient for four people to appear at the dealership, apparently not set off any noticeable alarms, and ride out of the front door. One of the burglars seems to run-up to the front door, unlock it, and then run back to his chosen escape vehicle! I mean, do they not have the highest security possible at this dealership? Did they all have the keys left in the ignition?

Plus, the four of them all go for motorcycles lined up in the middle of the showroom, as opposed to the ones at the front - did they know exactly what they were after? Were they not bothered about trying to make a quick escape, rapido? 

Harley-Davidson Street Glide Specials stolen

If you happen to have any information about this heist, the Indiana police want to hear from you - click through to this post and get in contact. 

I’ll be interested to know the story behind this one, so let me know also!