Gumball cancelled after fatal accident

Celeb fast blast called to a halt after big smash

THE GUMBALL 3000 rally has drawn the attention of the nation over the years and there's always been something that bikers respect about people who aren't afraid to use their supercars properly.

But this year, the popular celebrity-packed event has been cancelled after a fatal accident on the route in Macedonia.

Maximillion Cooper, the founder of the rally, said in a statement: "As a sign of respect, we have decided that this year's Gumball 3000 Rally will not travel any further and will end in Bratislava this evening. As the organisers of the rally, we feel it should be stopped as a mark of respect to Vladimir Cepulyoski who died today after an accident involving one of the participating drivers."

It is alleged that a Porsche 997 Turbo, worth in excess of £120,000 smashed into a Volkswagen Golf after it lost control at speed. Two British drivers have been arrested by Macedonian Police.

This incident has lead some to rename the event 'Dumball 3000' and 'Scumball 3000'.