Honda's motorcycle network goes solus

Radical shake-up paves Honda's vision of the future

HONDA'S network of motorcycle dealerships is now solus rather than shared with other makes.

This is part of Honda's plan to better control its brand and strengthen its sales effort. Honda has been ruthless in their approach, upsetting a few long-term dealers who refused to drop their other franchises in order to fit in with Honda's solus strategy.

Simon Read, Honda UK's Franchising Manager for the motorcycle division said: "From the end of March we've now been 100% solus and we truly believe this gives the customer a number of benefits. Firstly, solus dealers have unrivalled expertise and experience with Honda products, meaning that potential customers will be getting more accurate information about our motorcycle range. When it comes to servicing, again with the technicians concentrating on one brand and having to be assessed at the Honda Institute it means that their skills and knowledge on new Hondas really is second to none."

Honda has always found that the best-performing dealers have been solus; therefore it's easy to see why they're keen on rolling out solus dealerships across their 115 dealer UK network.

Honda's range of scooters, motorcycles and off-roaders is now 58 models strong.

With 115 solus dealerships up and running, it's expected that another four will open within the next two months, with the total hitting 120 solus dealers within the next six months. The target is to eventually get 133 solus dealers across the UK within the next two years.

Will other manufacturers flex their muscle and try to pin down dealers to commit to their brand?