Goldwing rider stays in control as lightning strikes helmet

Michael LaDue managed to stop safely after his Honda “lit up”

A MOTORCYCLIST stayed in control of his bike despite being struck by lightning.

Michael LaDue, 54, pulled over safely after the bolt struck his helmet in Washington state.

His Honda F6B Goldwing Bagger “lit up” according to witnesses. 

His helmet was melted inside and out and he suffered burns to his ear and singed hair.

Kevin Kurfman of Chehalis Fire Department said: “It’s pretty amazing, one that he survived the lightning strike, and two that he was able to stay in control of the motorcycle and get it off the road safely and not injure himself.”

Witness Martin Zapalac said: “To me his helmet lit up. It looked like it hit right on top of his helmet… When he took his helmet off, the whole side of his head, his hair was singed off it and his ears were burned around the edges.”

Brandi Abrego, a shop assistant who witnessed the aftermath of the incident, on Interstate 5 through Chehalis, said: “His hair was melted to his helmet. It was awful.

“He said he felt really hot. He grabbed my hand and he was hot to the touch.”

LaDue was treated at hospital and discharged.