Gary Rothwell claims world wheelie speed record

209.8 mph wheelie is fastest ever

HERE'S Gary Rothwell claiming a world wheelie speed record as he hits a blistering 209.8mph on the back wheel over 1km.

He set the new record at the World Motorcycle Wheelie Championship at Elvington Airfield last Sunday. Click here to see him set the front wheel of his turbo Hayabusa down and get confirmation from the timing system.

After getting off the bike, Gary said, ‘I can’t actually believe it myself, 20 minutes ago I’ve done 200.3 mph but I’ve just went back out again and done a 209.8 mph. I couldn’t believe it.’

It’s not the first time Rothwell has landed in the record books  – in 1999 he claimed the world record for the fastest speed being dragged behind a motorcycle when he got towed along at 156.3mph in titanium-soled boots. It's a record he and his huge plums still hold.

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