French Gendarmerie riders fluff Bastille Day parade

Sacre bleu!

French Gendarmerie riders fluff Bastille Day parade

IT WAS an impressive, precision-planned parade, combining horsepower and actual horse power. 

But ultimately, it was human error that brought the French police - or at least two of its riders - to their knees on Saturday during a Bastille Day parade. 

But hey, accidents happen. It's not like anyone important saw, right? Only President Macron, his esteemed guests and dozens of international broadcasters. Doh!

The accident happened when two Gendarmerie riders miscalculated their entry onto Place de la Concorde, and instead of joining to ride alongside one another, collided. 

Luckily, neither was hurt - apart from their pride. We imagine the pain of shame will stay with them for a while yet...

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