Yamaha FJR1400 in the pipeline

If the information's right, Yamaha could be about to unleash an all-new 1400cc super-tourer

A GTR1400-beater? Let's hope so

INFORMATION IS coming through from the French that Yamaha is accelerating the development schedule of its all-new FJR1400 to try and take potential sales from the Kawasaki GTR1400.

The computer-generated image is just their idea of what the new bike might look like, but the information from inside Yamaha France is solid.

The bike is being built to be more powerful than the GTR (eek) and will have a seni-atuomatic gearbox and ABS as standard.
We loved the old FJR, it was very nearly the perfect all-rounder. The new version has a lot to live up to.