First Look: 2009 Yamaha TDM900 GT

Take a look at the French-only touring version of Yamaha's long-standing parallel twin

YAMAHA FRANCE is to launch a GT version of the long-standing TDM900 later this year, with an ABS option.

The TDM GT, which is set to retail at euros 11,429 - £10,220 (Christ, is that how low the pound's sunk? - Ed?) features 30-litre panniers, fairing lowers and wind deflectors for the rider's hands. A larger screen's also fitted to offer better weather protection over the standard fitment item. The additions mean the bike's overall weight's up by 23.5kg.

The GT's not destined for these shores, which is no bad thing, because as much as we like the TDM900, we're not sure about this version.

Are you?

Image: Motorevue