First Look: 2009 Honda NSF100

We take a look at one of the most fun Hondas released in years

First Look: 2009 Honda NSF100

First Look: 2009 Honda NSF100

The NSF has great potential for a one-make race series

HONDA SAY their new mini NSF100 was inspired by the RC212V racer and at first glance you could well believe them. So what exactly is it?

The NSF is a four-stroke 100cc single cylinder mini race rep, complete with racebike looks, fully adjustable suspension and even a race-type gear shift pattern (one up three down).

The NSF weighs a mere 73.6kg, wears 12-inch wheels and has a wheelbase of only 1074mm. One of the Visordown news team was lucky enough to ride one recently and said it was brilliant fun and great potential for a budget race series

The NSF's just gone on sale in Europe for 3800 Euros but it's not for road use. Sadly, there are no firm plans to bring the bike to the UK.

Kids, started pestering your parents now!

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