First Look: 2009 Honda CB400

VFR valve technology for Honda's funky new middleweight

The 2009 CB400 will be available naked or semi-faired

YOU'RE LOOKING at the first pictures of Honda's 2009 CB400.

The machine, which will be released in a variety of paint schemes ranging from metallic black to Honda's iconic red/white/blue, will also be available in naked and semi-faired versions.

The 399cc in-line four motor has been armed with variable valve technology, as seen on the VFR VTEC, with a view to boosting bottom and midrange power delivery, without sacrificing outright poke. Honda say the valve system also returns up to 24% fuel saving over a normal valve system. Honda claim the new bike will deliver 53bhp @ 10,500rpm.

ABS brakes are set to appear as an optional extra on the CB400, which is expected to retail for around 7000 euros, although Honda UK have yet to confirm whether the machine will be an official UK import.