Akrapovic has a new robotic test rider...

Automated robot runs bikes on new 'Durability Dyno' for high-mileage testing

Akrapovic testing dyno

OKAY, WE sometimes complain about the high price of some accessories. But there's often a reason why the good stuff costs a bit more - because they manufacturer has put in the hard yards when it comes to research and development, investing in the right kit.

Like this new testing setup, which the Akrapovic exhaust firm has developed. Up till now, the Slovenian pipe-gurus had done all their durability testing on road and track, which obviously takes a load of time and can be interrupted by the weather. Now, this new 'robotic dyno' can run one of the firm's exhausts through thousands of miles of computer-controlled testing in carefully-controlled conditions, complete with throttle opening and closing and gearchanges via the robotic actuators. 

Akrapovic has built the new dyno in-house, and it incorporates banks of camera and sensors to monitor the exhaust's performance, power produced, temperatures and back-pressures, as well as recapturing some of the energy produced by the bike to power the dyno's ventilation and heating systems. It even has its own refuelling supply, so the bike never needs to stop, and can generate a wInd blast of up to 200kph for realistic running conditions.

It's an impressive setup for sure - and will no doubt help Akrapovic gain more OE supply contracts. Big firms like the Japanese bike makers have rigid test processes for their aftermarket accessories, and this type of setup is right up their street.

Here's a video of the new dyno setup too.