Finally, an app to report potholes. BucApp - but it’s only in Italy!

Italian non-profit organisation AIACE release ‘BucApp’ for road users to report potholes and road surface problems, and send to the road maintenance crews.

Finally, an app to report potholes. BucApp - but it’s only in Italy!

EVER wanted to report a pothole? Italian non-profit association AIACE (Italian Association of European Consumer Assistance) has announced a modern solution, with the release of their app ‘BucApp’ to directly report potholes and other road surface hazards. 

It's made for Italian road users to submit concerns and claim for assistance if there's an issue with the roads, by taking a photo and highlighting issues with the roads - plus they'll help you claim for free legal assistance in the event an accident was caused by poor road quality.

It’s simple to use the app, take a photo of the problem (pothole or other surface issue), note the location with GPS, and send away, all within the app - the BucApp team review and forward submissions direct to the municipality or body in charge of road maintenance in that area. 

Fantastic stuff. This app would certainly be helpful in the UK to easily report a hazard or problem - but part of me thinks the reason for a boom in adventure bike sales is the byway-like nature of some roads.

Can you report potholes in the UK?

Yes! There are ways to report potholes and problems with the roads here, too.

Both Highways England and the Gov UK website have dedicated pages to report issues with the road, and you can submit concerns directly to each local council via their websites.

It’s admittedly quite a bit easier to do it all natively within an app, so it’s worth knowing that some websites & apps exist like ‘FillThatPothole’ and ‘FixMyStreet’ are available in the UK as options that do the same thing, if you’re interested/pissed off enough. 

The next step would be having more pothole-filling teams ready, I know some roads in the Midlands have had the same pothole for years that have basically become part of the road furniture… there's certainly the budget, with millions of pounds of road improvements recently planned.

More info on Moto.It.

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