Dutch biker gang fighting ISIS in Iraq

‘No Surrender’ members join Kurdish forces

MEMBERS of a Dutch motorcycle gang have joined up with Kurdish forces in Iraq to fight against ISIS.

The gang, called No Surrender, was only formed last year, but was founded by a former leader of the Satudarah MC – rivals to the Hells Angels with close ties to the Banditos and chapters throughout the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that these are just some middle-aged men who go out riding at weekends. The bike gang scene in northern Europe is extremely active, and while Dutch gangs weren’t directly involved in the ‘Great Nordic Biker War’, which saw rival gangs using anti-tank weapons to wipe out each others’ HQs, you get the idea that these guys – and No Surrender – are probably quite at home with automatic weapons and hand-held rocket launchers.

Twitter account ‘Koerden in NL’ recently posted a photo of one of the gang members sat next to a Kurdish fighter. The caption below the photo roughly translates to: ‘Ron from the Netherlands has joined the Kurds to fight. Respect!’ 

Apparently the Hague is quite aware that members of No Surrender have joined Kurdish forces; a spokesman is reported to have said: "Joining a foreign armed force was previously punishable, now it's no longer forbidden. You just can't join a fight against the Netherlands."