Exclusive: Bosch to release new ECU with smartphone connectivity

New ECU is five times smaller and will allow owners to remotely cut off fuel supply

BOSCH is set to release a new motorcycle electric control unit (ECU) that can connect to the rider’s smartphone via Bluetooth or a 'connectivity control unit'.

The new engine management system will allow a connected smartphone to be used as a readout device, telling owners when to get their vehicles serviced and offering riders the opportunity to read and save information on their fuel consumption, lean angle, speed, and distance travelled.

Bosch says the smartphone connection can also be used to work as a remote immobiliser system; the fuel-injection system, and therefore the engine, can only be activated using the rider's own smartphone, providing additional protection against theft.

Developed specifically for motorcycles, it’s five times smaller than the current Bosch ECU which is based on car technology, found in motorcycles like KTM’s Duke 125.

Bosch has developed the unit to be small, cheap, robust and versatile, where it will give motorcycle manufacturers in emerging markets incentive to move from carburettors to fuel injection for increased fuel efficiency, at a realistic price to suit the market.

However, they claim the new ECU is a ‘cutting-edge solution that can be applied across the board: from the high-volume commuter segment to high-performance motorcycles in Asia, Europe and North America.'

Once fitted and calibrated to a specific bike, the ECU is capable of offering riding modes, cruise control and integration with other Bosch technology like Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), found on the latest KTM 1190 Adventure. Bosch also says the system is able to configure the engine in such a way that it runs on ethanol or petrol, giving riders the option to choose the more affordable fuel.

Hauke Roesch, leader of the small engines project unit at Bosch, said: ‘The new Bosch engine management system is bringing digital intelligence to the two-wheeler.’

Bosch is currently in talks with Indian manufacturers and international companies and says the ECU will be in production by the end of 2015.