Ducati Supersport S - 360 video onboard

Ducati Supersport S Full 360 Onboard at Donington Park Race Circuit. 

Ducati Supersport S

Yesterday we attended a Ducati track day at Donington Park Race Circuit, and the conditions could not have been better (thanks weather Gods)! Ducati brought a whole host of press bikes including the Supersport S which we road tested a couple of weeks ago, so as to complete a fully comprehensive test Harry threw his leg over it and took it for a raz.

The Supersport S is a fun and comfortable road bike, so initially we had our doubts about it on track. However, it did amazingly well and was mega responsive to rider inputs, even passing a couple of Panigale’s on the way around… and at no point was this on the limit of what the bike can do, as the Ducati Safety Pack, mostly kept the bike in-line. The back-end did step out once on the second to last hairpin, but it wasn’t sudden and was easily caught by rolling off the throttle.

Now, some people say that the Supersport S is underpowered on track, but the little Ducati is FUN, and isn't that what track days are all about? Plus the extra comfort that the raised clip-ons and lower pegs provide reduces that oh so common track day fatigue - which means better more consistent laps.

Check out how much fun we had in the video below:

Is that fear in Harry’s eyes or is he concentrating really hard? Put what you think in the comments below.