Inverted-engine bike a concept too far as crowdfund campaign abandoned

They wanted $3.6M but could only raise EUR 50.00...

THE big, bold ‘mad’ dream is over… the Nembo 32, the Italian-engineered race bike boasting an air-cooled, three-cylinder, inverted engine delivering 200HP is seemingly destined to remain a limited concept for now after its crowdfunding campaign not only fell short of expectations but barely drummed up any interest at all.

The campaign was seeking to raise $3,586,300 in investment through a series of different weighted incentives but attracted only 50 EUR from a ‘kind and heroic motorcycle enthusiast’ before accepting the Nembo 32 may at best be too ahead of its time, at worst just be a concept abandoned in the past for good reasons.

We were invested but not seemingly willing to commit any actual investment…

“The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, to fund the industrialization necessary to decrease the selling price of the 32, is over,” read a statement by founder and visionary Daniele Sabatini.

“No result at all, only a EUR 50,00 donation by a kind and heroic Italian motorcycle enthusiast. This attempt to maintain our total independence and so, our fresh and not conditioned, approach to the motorcycle world, was to be done anyway. 

“Also because, even if already internationally recognized, a lot of people still does not know anything about the existence of the Nembo 32... 

“Thanks for the warm appreciation from many of you. Thanks for your understanding of the new 32 dynamic concept and its many benefits. Thanks for the many wonderful articles, about the 32, by the main motorcycle magazines and blogs. 

“We don't stop here, of course: since hard skinned we are. We go on, trying and trying again. We’ll succeed in our revolution! Since the 32 is fantastic, really innovative and performs great. 

“A big hug to all the Nembo 32 Enthusiast Friends! Stay tuned!”

We're sure this isn't the last we will have heard of the Nembo 32 but for now it's back to the drawing board...

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