Ducati lowers power claims

Thanks to a change in the way power is measured, your Ducati might make less than you thought. Find out how much.

Ducati lowers power claims

DUCATI has reassessed its bikes’ performance figures because the numbers claimed on its official specifications didn’t match those on the European homologation documentation.

While the discrepancy lies in how power is measured – Ducati has used chassis dynos to get its advertised performance figures, while homologation requires the use of an engine dyno – in updating its claims the firm’s bikes have become ‘less powerful’ on paper.

So a 1299 Panigale (pictured), advertised until recently as having 205hp, now has 197hp according to Ducati’s official specifications. There’s no actual change to the bike, but if you’ve been boasting about your Panigale’s 200hp-plus output it might be time to eat some crow.

Meanwhile, the 959 Panigale’s figure drops from 157hp (chassis dyno) to 150hp (engine dyno). The Panigale R, which still uses an 1198cc engine rather than the 1299’s 1285cc V-twin to allow it to race in WSB, used to have a 205hp power claim. Now it’s down to 196hp.

Similar changes apply across the Ducati range, with some bikes suffering larger power ‘drops’ than others. Remember, there’s no actual change, it’s just the way the power figures are measured, but for some reason the Diavel suffers a full 10hp drop – 162hp to 152hp – while the Monster 1200 only gets a 3hp decrease, from 150hp to 147hp.

This variation means that the differences between models also change. The XDiavel, for instance, used to be ‘less powerful’ than the Diavel, previously claiming 156hp, but now is rated at the same 152hp. Meanwhile the Monster 1200R, previously 10hp more powerful than the normal Monster 1200, is now just 5hp brawnier, as it has lost 8hp (160hp drops to 152hp).

The decision to change the way its bikes’ power figures are measured makes no difference to the actual machines, and shouldn’t worry owners unduly. But it’s a change worth remembering, as no doubt in future there will be misguided second-hand sellers offering earlier bikes as being ‘more powerful’ than the later, post-measurement-change models.

Here’s an overview of the changed power claims, comparing the figures quoted on Ducati’s 2017 model range press releases to the ones now claimed on Ducati’s own website.

959 Panigale – was 157hp, now 150hp (7hp drop)

1299 Panigale – was 205hp, now 197hp (8hp drop)

Panigale R (1198cc) – was 205hp, now 196hp (9hp drop)

Monster 797 – was 75hp, now 73hp (2hp drop)

Monster 821 – was 112hp, now 109hp (3hp drop)

Monster 1200 – was 150hp, now 147hp (3hp drop)

Monster 1200 R – was 160hp, now 152hp (8hp drop)

Diavel – was 162hp, now 152hp (10hp drop)

XDiavel – was 156hp, now 152hp (4hp drop)

Multistrada 950 – was 113hp, now 113hp (unchanged)

Multistrada 1200/Enduro – was 160hp, now 152hp (8hp drop)

Hypermotoard – was 113hp, now 110hp (3hp drop)

SuperSport – was 113hp, now 110hp (3hp drop)

The figures for the 1299 Superleggera (215hp) and 1299 Panigale R Final Edition (209hp) are unaltered.