Droog Moto 014 | The coolest scrambler motorbike you’ve never heard of

Visordown takes a closer look at the exclusive Droog Moto 014 urban and off-road scrambler motorcycle which gives riders "total control of the unknown”

Droog Moto 014

If this bike were a person it would be a 5ft5 bare-knuckle boxer from the future. This whacky go-anywhere bike looks like it’s been designed for the set of Mad Max. And we love it. If a Honda Grom (MSX) got sentenced to ten years in prison, took growth hormones and steroids, this is how it would turn out...

Who is Droog Moto? 

Droog is an online exclusive company that focuses on building motorcycles which are inspired by modern and industrial design. The motorcycles Droog create focus on performance and appear rugged and aggressive in appearance, thus “giving the rider total control of the unknown”.

About the Droog Moto 014

Like me, you’ve probably never heard of the Droog Moto 014, and it’s likely because there’s only twelve of them available to the public - at a cost starting from $45,000 each. The reason for the huge price tag is due to each 014 being hand fabricated to fit the end-user. 

The Urban/offroad fighter is available in three different power options: 650cc, 800cc and 1000cc - all in an inline-four configuration. Pretty impressive considering the compactness of the machine. The firm says there are limitless power options too… So perhaps if you dreamt of fitting a turbo to your 014 Droog could make it a reality? Choo chooo. 

The battered relic finish to the 014 might not suit all, but it’s a fitting paint scheme to the bad boy nature of the bike. The solid dish rims give it a sense of invisibility and the off-road/on-road tyres mounted to the rims can perform in any situation thrown at it. 

The ‘headlights’ and ‘taillights’ are cunningly hidden behind the front plate and within the rear subframe, with the appearance of being slashed and exposed. 

The front mudguard - If it can even be called that - looks like a bit of an afterthought. Apart from that, it looks awesome!

What do you think of the Droog Moto 014? 

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