Driver who rammed motorcyclists jailed for 8 years

A dangerous driver who left two motorcycle riders with significant injuries has been jailed for 8 years


A dangerous driver was jailed recently, after using his BMW as a weapon, and ramming it into a motorcycle, injuring the rider and passenger of the machine.

Andrew Saunders, 32 of no fixed abode, was jailed last month for eight years at Aylesbury Crown Court on Monday 9th of January. The court heard how Saunders had, on the 14th of May 2022, deliberately driven his BMW at a motorcycle in the Woughton Park area of Milton Keynes. The rider of the bike suffered ‘significant’ friction burns, while the passenger, a teenager, suffered a broken ankle, dislocated shoulder and significant friction burns.

Saunders pictured fleeing from the police

Thames Valley Police states that just a week after the ramming incident, on 21st May 2022, Saunders was again seen driving a vehicle dangerously, this time in Brighton as he attempted to evade the police. A video from the chasing police car shows Saunders perilously overtaking vehicles and eventually colliding with another road user before being apprehended.

You can just make out the moment he collides with another vehicle

For the incident with the motorcycle, Saunders was found not guilty of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, but he pleaded guilty to assaulting the victim by driving his vehicle at the motorcycle. For the chase through Brighton, he pleaded guilty to one count of dangerous driving.

Speaking about the conviction, Detective Constable Hollie Cromarty, of Milton Keynes CID, said:

“Andrew Saunders will now face a significant period behind bars for his crimes, which have caused untold damage and misery.

“The rider and the passenger of the motorcycle sustained significant injuries, after Saunders deliberately drove at them.

“The passenger in particular suffered a serious broken ankle, which has required extensive surgeries and rehabilitation.

“A week after this incident, Saunders then drove dangerously to avoid being stopped by the police.

“Thankfully, our colleagues at Sussex Police were able to stop and arrest Saunders.”

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